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Redoxon® Boost & Slide 2017

AboutBoost & Slide

Singapore's Longest Street Water Slide

Boost & Slide is set to be Singapore’s longest street water slide to raise awareness about the daily health challenges we face. As we believe that freedom comes with protection, we created a Redoxon® Boost-before-you-slide event specially for you to go out there and have fun!

In addition to Boost & Slide, there will also be interactive game stations where you can get attractive Redoxon® collectibles. There will also be a healthy food trail, and a Redoxon® bar where you can try out creative concoctions of the Vitamin C booster. It’ll be an experience you won’t forget!

Event Details The Specifics

Date: 02 April 2017

Time: 9am - 6pm

Venue: Biopolis Way, Biopolis @ one-north

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Record Breaking Let’s Break A Record!

Stretching more than 300 feet, Boost & Slide is set to be Singapore’s longest street water slide. Join in on the excitement as we embark on breaking a record – together!

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Enquiries FAQ

Questions about the Boost & Slide? Get your answers.
Ever imagined sliding across the floor on your belly like otters do? Boost And Slide gives you that, except on wet, vinyl inflatables!

Are the water slides safe?

Our organizers are committed to maintaining high safety levels of the event at all times. However, we also seek your cooperation in observing the rules of the event.

What are the rules?

• Participants below 18 years of age on the day of the event must present the indemnity form (signed by a legal parent/guardian) when registering on the actual day
• Do NOT run on the slide
• Only one slider is allowed on each lane
• All parts of your body should remain within the slide
• Once you come to a stop at the end of the slide, leave the slide promptly
• No food and/or drinks are allowed on the slides
• Sharp or dangerous objects, weapons, illegal contraband, glass bottles, and explosives are strictly prohibited
• No sliding while under the influence of drugs or alcohol
• Participants who have been experiencing diarrhea in the last 2 weeks, have an infectious disease or have any open wounds will not be admitted on the slides
• No cutting of queues
• Inappropriate attire or nudity is not allowed
• Failing to comply with our safety rules can result in being banned from the Boost & Slide event

How many people does one ticket admit?

Each successful sign-up admits one participant only, corresponding to the name and NRIC number provided. Please do not key in your details on behalf of other participants when filling in the sign-up form, as the participant’s personal details are required for verification on the day of registration.

How many time slots can I sign up for?

Each participant is limited to one registration time slot only. Multiple sign-ups will not be accepted. Participants with multiple time slots will be limited to their earliest registration timing depending on the point of their arrival. Please take note that the event organizers cannot guarantee an opportunity to slide if you register outside of your time slot.

How do I sign up for this event?

You can ONLY sign up here . A confirmation email will be sent to you once you’ve successfully signed up.

What do I need to register?

Your NRIC, your indemnity form, a indemnity form signed by a legal parent/guardian (for participants below the age of 18), and your love for fun!

How do I register?

Registration will be done on the day of the event. Just present your NRIC (and your signed indemnity form if you are below 18 years old) to our volunteers at the registration counters, and you’ll be good to go! Once you’ve successfully checked-in, you’ll be given a personalized wrist tag and admitted into the event.

What time should I arrive?

Please register according to the time slot selected during your sign-up. Event organizers reserve the right to turn away those who register outside of their designated time slots.

How much do I pay?

Absolutely nothing – it’s free-of-charge! Consider this one on us!

Is there an age limit?

No. Participants below the age of 18 have to present a printed and signed copy of their indemnity form , which is available when you sign up online. There is however a minimum height limit of 1.1 metres for safety reasons.

Is there a limit to how many times I can use the slides?

Not at all – you may slide down as many times as you wish!

If I am pregnant or have health issues, can I join in?

Pregnant women, and those with casts or pre-existing health issues should not participate.

I noticed that the event is happening on 1 April too. How do I sign up?

Attendance for the Boost & Slide event on 1 April 2017 is by invite only. But don’t worry, there are ways to secure tickets if you can’t make it for 2 April. Keep checking our Facebook page to find out how!
What should I bring?

Anything you might need at the event, but less is better. We recommend a change of clothes and a towel, as well as a plastic sheet for your car seats if you’re driving!

Are floats provided?

As we have limited floats, we highly advise that you bring your own – as long as they don’t exceed 1.5 metres in width!

Will lockers be provided?

As there will be no lockers, be sure to have your personal belongings on you at all times. Volunteers or employees will not be responsible for keeping an eye over your items or ensuring that they don’t get lost.

Will showers be provided?

Shower facilities will not be available. Be sure to bring a towel and a dry change of clothes so you can stay comfortable throughout the day.

What should I wear?

Anything you feel comfortable getting wet in, and enough sunscreen! However, please refrain from wearing clothing with zippers as they may get caught onto the slides.

What if I’m looking to watch, but not participate?

For crowd control and safety purposes, we ask that bystanders keep behind the perimeter. For participants, please do not crowd at the exit point of the slides.

Can my pets go on the slide?

As much as we love animals, we can’t let them on the slides!

I can’t make it for the event, is my ticket transferrable?

As registration is tied to your personal NRIC details, your ticket is non-transferrable.

Are phones and cameras allowed?

Definitely! We highly recommend documenting your day to share with your friends and family, and have something to remember Boost & Slide by! Just be sure to waterproof your devices first. Selfie sticks are allowed as long as you remain respectful of other participants’ personal space.

What should I do if I’ve lost something?

Fret not, just make your way over to our Boost & Slide Organiser Stand! If you have already left the venue and need help with your missing items, please reach us at

Can food and drinks be purchased at the event?

Restaurants and cafés surrounding the area will be open on the day of the event, so if you’re feeling famished, have your pick of what to eat!
Approximately 10 cubic metres of water will be used for the entire event. If you’re wondering what that looks like, it takes 2,500 cubic metres of water to fill an Olympic swimming pool, so that’s only 4%!

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